Prices - and what it covers

Our prices are simple and fair. There are no hidden charges or surprises - just pay for the visit or repair, and any parts needed. Here's a general price guide:


Typical Visit - £50

Suitable for most visits, where the work on your computer(s) can be completed on‑site within an hour or two. Includes health check


Collect & Return Workshop Repairs £50‑£60

For repairs that require more time and attention in the workshop. Includes collection, repair, health check, delivery and setup


Quick, Complex, Urgent or Multiple Fixes - £ask

Genuinely quick visits, intricate repairs, multiple PCs, networking, complex cases where the computer(s) just can't be taken away, and/or emergencies


Ongoing Tuition - £30/hr

After our initial visit and health check, we can offer regular tuition

We want you to book with confidence, so we offer:

  • A complete price at the earliest opportunity (after a conversation or initial inspection)
  • Clear costing of any parts required, or extra work requested
  • No extra costs just because the agreed job takes a bit longer than expected
  • No fee if we can't help, advise, fix or diagnose
  • All work is professionally guaranteed
  • Additional help and support after the visit, if required

Prices are typical for the majority of our services, for our next available standard appointment slot, and assume payment at the time of the visit. We accept cash, cheques, debit/credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay and bank transfers.

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