Bring your computer back to full health

Has your computer slowed down since you bought it? Is it more noisy than it used to be? There are many reasons why a computer slows down over time - and it can seem difficult to put it right. When you book our tune-up and health check service, we'll look at all the major reasons your computer may not be performing the way it should, and find ways to get any slow computer running quicker again. We'll also search for common problems and remove any unnecessary clutter. We'll even make sure you have anti-virus and anti-spyware software installed by the time we leave, so that you can keep an eye on your system in the future!

We will check for:

  • Security and privacy problems
  • Common problems that may slow down your PC
  • Early warning signs of system failure and/or overheating
  • Junk files and wasted hard disk space
  • General errors and faults
  • Software updates
  • ...and much more!

Health check

Our comprehensive health check service is available for Windows computers and some non-Windows devices. Software updates will be applied or scheduled when an adequate Internet connection is available. Health checks are customised for each computer and client.

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