Terms and conditions

All Services and transactions are subject to our standard Terms and Conditions. We revise our terms and conditions periodically to ensure that they are fair and reasonable.

Preparing for the visit

Please provide an accurate description of the problem when you book the appointment, so that we can calculate the likely cost and time required, and bring the right equipment. Please provide any CDs, product serial numbers, login details (e.g. Windows logon passwords and Internet connection details) or other information and materials that we require. If you are unable to be in at the arranged time or no longer need a visit, please give us as much notice as possible (at least 1 hour). We will aim to be with you within 1 hour of our agreed time unless we contact you.

If you arrange to bring your computer to us, please bring it to us at the agreed time, as we are often out on visits. We will normally be able to give you an estimated completion date and time at the time of your visit, based on our current workload and visit schedule.

You must be the equipment owner, the account holder and/or the business owner (where applicable) to use our services; or have permission to ask us to complete the work. We cannot accept any responsibility for issues or disputes caused because you did not obtain the appropriate authority first.

We promise to take reasonable care of your computer and its data. When servicing a computer, there may be a small risk of data loss caused by computer failure. During a backup or reinstallation we will attempt to back up files in standard document folders only, unless you tell us otherwise. During a health check it is standard practice to empty or delete folders generally used for temporary file storage and to empty the recycle bin. Please do not store important files in these types of locations. We strongly recommend that you make regular back-ups of software and documents, and that your computer is fully backed up before we work on it (if possible). By booking an appointment, you agree that our liability will be limited, at most, to a reasonable attempt to restore your data from your most recent backup.


We will be honest and upfront about our pricing. The prices shown on this website represent a typical standard weekday daytime visit, for our next available standard appointment, within our advertised coverage area. We will tell you in advance if your appointment attracts any additional fee.

We can usually tell you the price of our services before we start, based on what you tell us. Occasionally, we may need to inspect or test the computer before we can calculate the parts cost. In this case, we can give you a price range for diagnosis and/or repair, or set a budget before we start. If there are any unexpected costs, we will let you know before continuing. If the work isn't as you described, or you ask us to complete additional work after agreeing a price, the price may change.

During promotional periods a maximum of one discount or offer per visit will apply. You must pay any fees or deposits as soon as they are due, normally at the time of visit. We keep our prices down by asking for payment to be made to the technician by the end of the visit, rather than sending invoices later. A higher price will apply for invoiced work, late payments, or where reminders are sent (add £15, plus 2% per calendar month) and parts shall remain the property of Poorly PCs until paid in full.

No repair fee if unable to help

In the interests of fairness, we will not charge a repair fee if we attend with the intention of resolving the issue, but do not have the expertise and knowledge to help you solve the problem. If we are able to offer advice or a diagnosis but are prevented from completely solving the problem due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control, we will charge appropriately for our attendance and any help, advice, or diagnosis provided. These circumstances include customer request (e.g due to parts cost, or customer decides to supply their own parts and/or complete the repair themselves, using the advice we give); faulty or incompatible equipment, a faulty or disconnected Internet service or phone line, incorrect or missing information such as passwords, product keys or software. Please note, if we advise you before a visit that we are unlikely to be able to help, but you ask us to visit anyway (for diagnosis, reassurance, second opinion etc) you accept that we may charge for our attendance.

We reserve the right to refuse to undertake work for any reason (including but not limited to: risk, legalities or scope of services offered). When appropriate, we will adjust or waive the fee accordingly.

We may charge a fee to cover our costs and losses if we visit you and you are not available, or we are not required; or if we wait in and you do not arrive at the agreed time. No fee will apply if you cancel at least 1 hour in advance. We will not charge a fee for failed visits if you are unavailable because we are delayed by more than 1 hour.

All work guaranteed

If you discover that a problem is unresolved, please contact us within 14 days, and we will arrange a visit or 'remote fix' to resolve the issue within a reasonable time. We will not charge you another visit fee if we have made a mistake. We will charge for any additional parts required (except for those covered by our parts warranty), or for any new work requested on the return visit, or for any unrelated fault (e.g. a different failure, a new virus infection, reinstallation of faulty software, accidental damage, etc). Our workmanship guarantee ends if repairs are attempted by someone else.

If you buy items from us, you may have a legal right to cancel and return those items within 14 days. The items must be undamaged and unused. Cancellation rights do not apply to the cost of any services/repairs completed, nor to any emergency work, bespoke items, opened software, or consumable items (such as batteries, ink).

If we offer you an ongoing service, support or maintenance agreement, please refer to your documents for any specific terms and cancellation periods that apply to you.

Nothing in our terms affects your statutory rights and if any part of our terms cannot be enforced, the remaining terms shall survive and remain valid. Please contact us if you require clarification of any point.

Use of this website

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