Device setup and transfer service

Take the worry out of installing your device. Setting up a new desktop, laptop, or tablet computer can be a daunting task, so why not take advantage of our installation and transfer service. We can:

  • Impartially advise you on what to look for and buy
  • Connect and configure your new device
  • Set up your Internet connection and email
  • Install a printer, scanner, camera
  • Install your anti-virus or security software
  • Set up Office software and other 'third party' programs
  • Transfer documents, emails and settings from your old computer (if applicable)
  • Configure Cloud and ID services (iCloud, Google, Microsoft, Dropbox etc)
  • Customise your device to work like your old one
  • Set up a file backup system
  • Test and demonstrate your new computer, up and running
  • Give advice on protecting your system, where appropriate
  • Optionally remove personal data from your old PC

Poorly PCs devices

By offering an on-site installation service completely independent of any retailer or manufacturer, we can offer a much more comprehensive service - we don't mind installing items regardless of where and when they were bought (within legal and practical constraints!). We'll even transfer important documents, pictures, music and emails from an old computer to a new one!

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