About Poorly PCs

We are a small company based in Herne Bay and we cover the local towns and villages.

Matt began repairing computers professionally in 1996 and now has over 20 yearsí experience in the Computer Services field. Matt is a CompTIA A+ certified IT Technician, and specialises in home and office visits.

Chris joined Poorly PCs in 2011, from a background in PC and electrical retail. Chris offers home visits, performs PC and laptop repairs in the workshop, and manages our collect and return service.

Poorly PCs van

Poorly PCs was created with a particular goal in mind Ė to provide face-to-face support in your own home or office. Our aim is to provide a convenient alternative to expensive call-centre telephone support, large IT companies, and inconvenient trips to the nearest computer service centre. With our help, thereís no need to disconnect your computer and drag it to a local shop, wait for the repair, and take it home again only to be faced by set-up worries. Most repairs will be completed on-site, and if your computer requires a workshop repair, we offer a full collect and return service - including disconnection and re-connection!

We believe that as a small local business we can offer you a personalised, friendly, professional and thorough service. We donít charge a repair fee if we canít help, we donít add on costs if the job takes a few minutes longer than expected, and no job is ever too small. We don't cut corners and we're happy to continue providing support after the visit. As a result, most of our appointments come from existing customers and recommendations.